about me

Hello! I’m Cristina aka Granny of This Granny’s House

That’s my wonderful husband, Curt, and we’ve been married 28 years! It has been quite an amazing adventure this thing we call love! We have six beautiful children (all ours together 🙂 ) Our middle daughter and son-in-law just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary and have our first grandbaby boy! Our oldest son is married and will soon celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary  and there are more wedding bells coming up this year! Such exciting times!!   We are so pleased with the men and women of God our children are growing up to be.

Why Granny’s House?? My kids say that I’m not old enough to be “Granny”; that I don’t look like “Granny” on the Bugs Bunny show .. well that may be, however, there is something so special about our Grandmother’s house.

My own grandmothers weren’t necessarily Granny-like either; but I loved them nonetheless. I had the pleasure of knowing my paternal grandmother, growing up with my maternal grandmother, and even getting to spend time with my mother’s father’s mother — my great grandmother. She didn’t speak a word of English, only Spanish, I only knew her for a short time; yet I loved her with all my heart.

There are lots of names we call our Grandmothers: like, gramma, nanna, nona, gram, grammy, ona, abuela, abuelita, and babushka. Grandmothers are notorious for loving and giving unconditionally, encouraging, teaching, sharing, and making lots of yummy foods.

The LORD is our best comfort! And he has seen fit to bless some of us with amazing grandmothers that influence us in ways that words don’t seem to be adequate.

My hope is that what you find here is the door always open, the tea kettle ready on the stove, and a nice comfortable chair that draws you in for some words of encouragement and wisdom. Whatever you need, I pray that This Granny’s House will be a blessing to you.